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What is ICC?

Why is blood sugar above the desired level considered alarming? Because though it may not have immediate visible effect on our body, in the long term it can affect vital body parts such as our heart, kidneys, eyes, etc. and prove fatal if not controlled properly. The point here is about keeping our sugar under control i.e. within desired level through frequent follow ups, treatment or lifestyle changes so as to stay healthy.

Now let’s compare it with a project. Scope changes are part and parcel of any project. But frequent scope change means crossing agreed scope or agreed baseline. This is also known as scope creep. If it is not controlled, it can impact in the form of cost overrun or delay. But scope changes can be controlled through a process known as Integrated Change Control ICC. For better results in your project always ensure ICC.


Measuring Deviation

We have talked about 3 baselines – WBS for measuring scope changes,  budget for measuring cost variations and schedule for checking progress of planned activities.

Surprisingly nature has also gifted us baseline to monitor our health. Any healthy human being is supposed to have certain body temperature, heart beats, blood pressure and many more. Health is monitored by measuring these parameters. In case of deviation in the parameters we need treatment or meditation or exercise etc to bring it back to normal.

How to measure deviation in any Project with respect to baseline and what are remedies?

Schedules & Delays

For T20 World Cup many activities are being planned. Some activities are going simultaneously and some are dependent. E.g. Activities related to stadium such as pitch preparation, arrangement of food stall etc. will go on simultaneously. But flight booking, hotel booking, pick up arrangement should be done in certain sequence. Every activity should be done within the estimated time. Most important is relation of activities with calendar dates.

This web of dependent activities, time and manpower estimation against calendar is known as schedule. Schedule is considered as time baseline or yardstick. It works as a map for any project. Avoid any project without schedule to avoid delays

Budgetary Issue

Budget session has started and everyone is eager to know about Railway and Union budget. Budget is a pet subject with every industry.

In Project management budget is considered as cost baseline or a reference  to measure cost variance. As a good practice always use WBS to prepare your  budget. Decide the budget at WBS or work categories level and then aggregate it upwards to decide the final project budget. Do not forget to keep some part of the budget to handle exigencies. Monitoring the budget can help you control cost overrun.

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