Maharashtra Chief Ministers Devendra Phadanvis has done masters in Project Management from Germany. He has adopted world class successful project management techniques ‘War Room’ for executing multiple infrastructure projects across Maharashtra. Following are important points from article in Economic Times Mumbai edition dated 23rd July 2018. (// )

  • The war room is a place where the CM can sit and take instantaneous decisions on large infrastructure projects.
  • It has yielded handsome results – In one meeting, it reviewed 30 projects in a record-breaking two hours. Another milestone was the transfer of 93 land parcels in Mumbai in three months.
  • It worked on two pivots: articulate and focused conversation, and result-oriented tracking.
  • A sense of urgency and debottlenecking as an obsession are key elements of War Room
  • Files do not move from one department to another for months, creating ennui and inefficiency. The war room facilitates decisions, movement of files, and dialogue between departments
  • The preparation for the war room started in late 2014 and the first meeting took place in May 2015
  • War Room is managed by Kaustubh Dhavse, Officer on Special Duty to Chief Minister (CM), who is an engineer, MBA from SP Jain and has a degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School.
  • Dhavse works closely with Additional Chief Secretar, Praveen Pardeshi, to CM,. Together, they run the operations of the war room.
  • Every two months, CM meets in the war room.
  • CM uses his power to resolve cross departmentasl issues. Not surprisingly, many issues have a tendency to get resolved just before the next war room meeting.
  • Agenda items for the meeting with the CM are broken down into three columns: background, issue and onus.
  • The five men and two women fellowship interns sitting before Dhavse are all under 25, with an IIT or an equivalent degree under their belt.
  • Govt shortlisted projects primarily in IT, infrastructure, irrigation and road connectivity.