Recently Aadhar card got full statutory status. But did you know that Aadhar project, from concept to delivery, is considered as one of the most complex and successful project in the world.

Project Team, with Mr. Nandan Nilekani as Project Manager, completed all its targets well in advance. E.g.

-In less than 5 years from launch 90 crore  Indian people got Aadhar, 9 months ahead of schedule.
-Largest biometric database in the world with a deduplication capability never seen before.
-Used 1/3 of sanctioned workforce.
-Accuracy 99.99 %
-Total expenditure of project is less than Rs 10000 cr much lesser than budgeted.

Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Ex. CEO of Infosys, is strong supporter project management framework PMBOK and has used its principles in Aadhar project.
Is this the reason for its grand success? Yes I have ample evidences to prove it.